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Back and Neck Injuries

Apart from whiplash injuries to the tendons and ligaments, accidents can unfortunately cause other injuries to the neck and back, including vertebral fractures, damage to the discs and nerve pain.

Back and neck injuries can be caused by different types of accidents, including road accidents, accidents at work and sporting accidents.

Our spine is unique to each of us and its susceptibility to injury and response to any given trauma may vary according to congenital factors, age, lifestyle factors, and previous trauma.

It is not uncommon that when we commission expert medical reports and investigations on behalf of our clients we find that they had some previous “wear and tear” in their back or some abnormality they were born with, which predisposes them to more severe or long lasting back pain than might otherwise have been the case.

In law, if someone can be held legally liable for causing an injury, they are liable for the full effects of that injury, even though those effects may turn out to be more severe or long lasting in this particular case than might have been the case with and “average” person.

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