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Head Injuries

It has been estimated by a leading authority on the subject that over one million people each year attend hospital A&E Units across the UK with head injuries.  While most of these will have been relatively minor injuries, around 10% are categorised as either “moderate” or “severe” head injuries.  The most common causes are falls, assaults and road traffic accidents.

A head injury can cause a wide range of symptoms depending on how serious the injury is symptoms of a severe head injury can range from a temporary loss of consciousness up to a brain injury in the most serious cases.  A severe head injury may also cause:

  • Concussion
  • Fits or seizures
  • Difficulty speaking or staying awake
  • Problems with the senses, such as the loss of hearing or double vision
  • Changes in behaviour or personality, including anxiety, depression and difficulty in controlling anger
  • Cognitive problems, with memory, attention and concentration
  • Physical loss of co-ordination, muscle rigidity, paralysis
  • Relationships with family and friends can be placed under great strain.

If you are a member of your family have suffered a head injury, we have experience or working with leading medical experts to ensure that all of the issues relating to both the cause and the effects of the injury are thoroughly investigated and that the fullest compensation is secured.   Contact us now to get free expert advice on your case with no obligation on your part.

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