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Wills And Probate

We are frequently commended by our clients for our sensitivity and attentiveness both in preparing their wills and dealing with the administration of the estates of their deceased relatives. We can provide you with practical pointers on how you might wish to divide what you own between your loved ones.

It can be off-putting to think about making a will, but our clients generally find that our approach leaves them feeling content that they have put their affairs in good order.

It is a common misconception that the process of obtaining Probate and having a deceased person’s estate divided between those to whom they have left it (if they left a will) or those to whom the law says it must pass (if no will has been left) will take forever.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients are advised at the outset as to the likely timescale for their case to be concluded and we aim to exceed their reasonable expectations, whilst keeping them regularly informed.

Our client satisfaction levels in this area are very high indeed and recommendations from previous satisfied clients frequently bring new clients to us.

We have successfully represented clients in dealing with claims made against estates by people who were not left what they considered to be “reasonable financial provision” by the deceased, a process commonly referred to as “challenging a will”.

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