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Road Accidents

We have extensive experience of acting for people who have been injured in all sorts of situations on the roads, including car drivers, their passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and those injured while travelling in larger vehicles, including buses.

In some cases it will be clear who has been responsible for causing the accident, but in other cases more than one of the people involved may be at fault.  Sometimes everyone involved more or less agrees on what exactly happened immediately before the accident, but there are many occasions where there is complete disagreement on crucial issues.  This often happens for example in so called “right-turning” cases.

If John is slowing down as he approaches the mouth of a road on his right which he is intending to turn into and Peter, who is driving behind him overtakes because he sees the car in front of him moving slowly and the road ahead is clear, their two cars may collide if John turns right just as Peter is drawing alongside him.  We have often seen it happen in such cases that John will say that he had his indicator on and Peter will say that he didn’t.

We are well used to dealing with disputes of evidence of this kind and we believe that we have the ability and the resources, including where appropriate the use of expert forensic engineering advice, to ensure that our clients’ cases are presented to the very best effect and that the best outcome is achieved for them.

If you have been injured in any kind of road accident, even if you may have been partly to blame yourself, contact us now to get FREE EXPERT ADVICE with NO OBLIGATION.

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