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Slipping or Tripping Accidents


At some time or another most of us will have experienced the feeling of embarrassment that comes with falling in a public place.  We feel driven to get up again as quickly as possible, often even if we have been hurt.

Whilst sometimes the fall may simply be our own fault, often it will have been the presence of a hazard of some kind on the ground which has caused the fall.  It may for example be a defect in the pavement, a spillage on the floor of a supermarket or a floor mat which has become turned up at the edge and has caught a foot.  Another common cause of such accidents is badly lit or otherwise defective stairways.

By law, the occupiers of shops, restaurants and other public places have a duty to take reasonable care to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for everyone they can reasonably expect might be using them.  Department for Infrastructure also have a legal duty to maintain the roads and footpaths to a reasonable standard.

If you have been injured in a slipping or tripping accident and you want to know whether you might be entitled to compensation, contact us without delay to get FREE EXPERT ADVICE on the circumstances of your case with NO OBLIGATION.

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