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Judicial Review

Disputes With Public Bodies/Judicial Review

If you believe that a Public Body has treated you unfairly you may be entitled to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court, which could lead to a decision made against you being set aside or a declaration being given as to what precisely the law is in a particular area.

Judicial Review is not an appeal. It involves a Court considering whether the Public Body which is being challenged acted lawfully, which can include looking at whether it allowed you a fair opportunity to make your point before it made its decision, whether it took account of irrelevant factors or failed to take account of things which were relevant, whether there was bias of any kind against you and whether proper reasons were given for the decision. It can also involve considering whether the decision or action you take issue with was “unreasonable”, in the sense of being such that no reasonable similar body could have come to that decision in all the circumstances.

We have an excellent track record in challenging decisions of Public Bodies where they were adverse to our clients’ interests.

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