E coli Belfast claims update

The number of E coli claims we are dealing with from people who ate in Flicks restaurant is continuing to increase. We believe that there will be a “strength in numbers” effect which will benefit all of those we are representing.

Whilst the cause of the food poisoning outbreak is still under investigation by the Public Health Agency, we are confident that we can secure full financial compensation for all of our clients for the effects of the E coli poisoning they have suffered, and for the wages many of them have lost through not being able to work.

If you have suffered the symptoms of food poisoning (including stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, headache and diarrhoea – sometimes with blood in it) make sure you seek medical advice without delay and arrange to provide a stool sample to your GP for testing.

If you have been diagnosed with E coli after having eaten in Flicks, or indeed if you have caught any type of food poisoning arising from any source outside your own home, please contact Paul McEvoy at our Belfast office without delay.

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