E coli claims linked to Flicks Belfast

Whilst the various investigations into the E coli outbreak linked to Flicks restaurant in Belfast are continuing, some facts are emerging.

We are led to believe that the sub-strain of E. coli 0157 implicated in the August outbreak was different from the sub-strain which has been found in those affected in the October outbreak.

Also, whereas in some of the other major outbreaks in the UK in recent years the source has been traced back to a single food ingredient, it appears that that may not ultimately be the case here, as the sufferers had eaten a wide range of different meals in Flicks.

An update is due from the Public Health Agency tomorrow (Wednesday 31st October 2012), but as yet it is not known how long it will take to complete their investigation and publish their report.

If you or anyone you know has suffered E coli food poisoning (or any of the symptoms of it, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea) after eating in Flicks, seek medical attention without delay and ask to have a stool sample tested for E coli.

We are acting for a large and growing number of the victims of this outbreak and we are confident that we will secure compensation for each of them.

If you want to claim compensation for the effects of E coli poisoning please contact Paul McEvoy at our Belfast office without delay.

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