10 steps towards getting fully compensated for personal injury caused by somebody else’s fault.

  1. Seek medical attention as soon as you can to ensure that you receive proper medical treatment and to ensure that your injuries are properly recorded.


  1. Act promptly. The following steps should be taken as soon as possible after you have suffered injury. As time passes, important evidence may disappear. For example, witnesses may move address, or become uncontactable, and CCTV footage may be deleted. Over time, potential defendants may move address, become uncontactable, or become insolvent. There are time limits within which proceedings should normally be taken. If enough time passes, you could be prevented from getting compensation.


  1. Identify what caused your injury.


  1. Identify who caused your injury.


  1. Identify witnesses and ask for their contact details. Ask witnesses if they are willing to give a statement of what they witnessed.


  1. Report the injury to anyone who should be informed of your injury. For example, if you are injured in a shopping centre, notify the managing agent or someone in charge at the shopping centre.


  1. Take photographs. For example, if you trip and fall in the street, because of a pavement defect, take photographs of the defect.


  1. Seek legal advice.


  1. Keep records, including receipts, of all expenses you incur as a result of your injury. You should seek to recover these expenses from the person at fault.


  1. If you are off work as a result of your injury, but still receive pay, check if your employer wishes to be repaid this money. If so, you should seek to recover this money from the person at fault.


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