E coli affecting Flicks’ restaurant customers

As has been reported in the media recently, Professor Hugh Pennington, the world renowned microbiologist, has expressed his amazement at the length of time it is taking the Public Health Agency here to come forward with the findings of its investigation into the cause of the E coli outbreaks affecting those who ate in Flicks restaurant in August and October 2012.

As yet the PHA still cannot provide a date for the release of it’s report. It’s latest update simply says:

“This is a complex and detailed investigation with all aspects of the outbreak being examined thoroughly and in line with existing guidance. It is therefore anticipated that it will be some time before the investigation is complete and the outbreak report can be finalised.

In relation to learning from this outbreak, the information to date has not highlighted any new issues. Rather, it reinforces the need to observe established guidance on the prevention and spread of E.coli infection, as emphasised consistently in previous press releases. Namely, raw and cooked food should be kept separately, vegetables and other ready to eat food should be washed thoroughly, everyone should wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food, and people with vomiting or diarrhoea should remain at home and not prepare food – this is good advice at all times, not just when there is an outbreak.”

We will be keeping in regular contact with the PHA and will post any developments here on an on-going basis.

We do not accept however that the delay in producing the PHA’s report should delay the satisfactory resolution of our clients’ compensation claims, as there is more than enough evidence already in existence to prove that their symptoms were caused by what they ate in Flicks.

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